On March 8th each year, people across the world gather to celebrate women’s day and honour the achievements and struggles of modern women and women throughout history, with International Women’s Day (IWD). 2022 was no different, with millions of people celebrating International Women’s Day on Tuesday the 8th of March 2022. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of the issues affecting women around the world and highlighting initiatives and campaigns that are focused on improving women’s lives and increasing gender equality.

How Did International Women’s Day originate?

International Women’s Day took quite a few decades to develop into the form that is now known and loved. The origins of International Women’s Day were inspired by suffrage movements and labour movements across the globe from more than a century ago, including actions in New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Germany, and more. Original events date back to 1909, with wartime protest actions in Russia, Universal Suffrage Movements in New Zealand, rallies in Europe, and more. With a history rooted in protest action and rallies, many people still commemorate this day with rallies and protests dedicated to Women’s rights.

Every International Women’s Day has been dedicated to a particular theme, with the UN declaring the 2022 theme as “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

South Africa also celebrates its very own version of Women’s Day on 9 August each year, alongside celebrations for International Women’s Day in March.

The Symbolism associated with International Women’s Day

Certain colours have been associated with Women’s Day for decades; purple, white, and green. These colours have been chosen for their historical significance and associated meanings. Purple, a colour that was associated with the suffrage movement in the UK, represents dignity and justice. White has been associated with purity for centuries, while green is seen as a colour that symbolises hope.

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