Time for the bushveld! While there are many gorgeous places to visit in South Africa, experiencing a true safari in the untamed African bushveld should unquestionably be at the top of any traveller’s wish list. If you want to get off the main path, explore nature, and experience the numerous thrills that only a bushveld can provide, a proper safari checks all the appropriate boxes to leave your heart pounding for more.

The bushveld provides an unrivalled experience, from the untainted natural beauty of the African wilderness, diversified landscapes, nature reserves, and protected ecosystems, to the thrilling animal encounters and breath-taking sights.

Here are our reasons why you will fall in love with the bushveld, however, to be quite honest, we could easily offer you a million more.


One of the best places to go on a wildlife safari is South Africa. It is also one of the few locations in the world where you can view all five of the African Big 5 animals—the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo—together in one location. Outstanding national parks and conservation areas are partly responsible for South Africa’s prominence as a prime destination for Big 5 safaris.

The African wild dog, cheetah, sable, and roan antelope are just a few of the endangered species that may be found in South Africa, in addition to the magnificent Big 5.


Another convincing justification for going on a safari is the magnificent array of national parks, wilderness areas, and wildlife reserves in South Africa. There is no end to what South Africa has to offer, from the nearly 2.2 million hectares of unmatched African bushveld that make up the Kruger National Park to the incredible tropical bushland of KwaZulu-Natal, the starry skies and vastly diverse landscapes of the drylands Karoo desert, and the spectacular Green Kalahari of the Northern Cape.

Not to mention the vast indigenous fynbos, lush undulating terrain, breath-taking mountain ranges, flowing waterfalls, and isolated beaches of the famed savannah, not to mention the incredible animals. It is unmatched to explore and learn about South Africa’s different landscapes and safari spots.


Accommodation options are many and varied, perfectly suited to every budget, holiday, getaway, or safari experience. They range from private villas, boutique hotels, ultra-luxurious safari lodges, and 5-star resorts to unique treehouse getaways in the African bushveld, luxury cave suites, and eco-friendly tented suites. South Africa provides everything you’re searching for, whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip, a romantic break for two, a fun family safari vacation, or an exhilarating and adrenaline-inducing safari experience!


Nothing is more soothing and nourishing to the spirit than the open-air setting of a safari camp in the South African bushveld. It is absolute delight to be surrounded by clean air, beautiful scenery, and tranquil wildlife grazing in the background! One thing South Africa takes great pleasure in is solitude, tranquillity, exclusivity, and serene serenity. This applies to everything from ultra-luxurious safari lodges with spa facilities, to tree-houses beneath the stars. Accommodations are located in the middle of the bushveld and are ideally situated to offer pure enjoyment away from it all with breath-taking views of the animals and gorgeous savannah. The only conflicts you will experience are stray elephants, nosy giraffe, or, if you’re lucky, a lion lazing in the noon heat.