Summer in the bushveld

In South Africa, there is never a bad time to go on a safari. The country, sometimes referred to as “sunny South Africa,” offers some of the finest weather in the world, making it the ideal summer vacation destination. The good news is that South Africa always has a favourable safari season. To determine the “when,” all you need to do is know what you want to see and where you want to view it.

November is an exciting moment to visit South Africa for safari enthusiasts. This is the greatest time of year to visit if you want to see animals. The dry season is at its height, forcing animals to congregate around the few remaining water sources. For birders, a new seasonal bird arrives every day, either to breed for the season or just to take advantage of summer’s hospitality. Thousands of insects may be heard murmuring, chirring, buzzing, and humming throughout the summer on the bushveld. Numerous bumble bees busy gathering food from the underbrush and the blossoms, together with crickets, grasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, wasps, and bees, add their voices to the noise.

Having said that, take precautions because it gets extremely hot, very quickly outside. Rain is infrequent, and there is little vegetation. The grass won’t bloom until the first big rains, which often occur in summer season, and the trees may stay leafless for an extended length of time during this time (although relieving showers before then are possible.) Eventually, you’ll notice thunderheads building in the afternoons, and if you’re very lucky, you’ll feel the incredible sensation of the first raindrops falling on a parched area, which will totally calm you in the bushveld, with a refreshing breeze in the air.

Summertime is memorable as the bushveld is filled with new-borns and spotted wildlife with their young. The temperatures are very high and humid, and it is the perfect opportunity to swim and enjoy cold beverages to keep you hydrated from the very hot outdoors.