South Africa is a true gem for any nature lover; with incredible scenery, beautiful wildlife, peaceful scenes, and adventurous activities to make any thrill seeker’s heart pound, South Africa has something for everyone. At Khalanyoni Game Ranch, we are fortunate to form part of the renowned Waterberg region, known for its beauty and wildlife.

Wildlife in South Africa

South Africa is blessed to be home to a wide number of animal species, with majestic animals found across the country. Khalanyoni Game Ranch is fortunate to include many animal and bird species, including giraffe, tsessebe, hyenas, Kudu, Zebras and more.

For the birding enthusiasts, our winged friends are sure to delight. The birdlife in the greater Thabazimbi area includes bright and cheerful rollers, African hawk eagles, talkative red-chested cuckoos with their “piet-my-vrou” call, and so much more, there is much for bird lovers to view and enjoy.

Walks in Nature

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the South African bushveld, is by taking a walk through the bush and experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of South Africa.

At Khalanyoni Game Ranch, we offer a number of routes for walking and cycling, ensuring guests can immerse themselves in the full experience of being in the bush.


Away from the bustle and pollution of the city, stargazing is truly extraordinary. In remote areas, stargazing becomes a true wonder and can offer even amateur stargazers a great deal of enjoyment.

Game Drives 

A firm favourite, a game drive with an experienced guide is not to be missed when in South Africa. Game Drives offer guests the chance to see and experience the sights and sounds of the bushveld, paired with a drink in hand. A truly thrilling experience.

About Khalanyoni Game Ranch

Khalanyoni Game Ranch is perfectly situated in the greater Thabazimbi area, close to Northam. This is a pristine piece of nature in the heartland of the bushveld, populated with a rich Flora life, an abundance of birdlife and 21 game species including Buffalo, Giraffe and Tsessebe.


We offer guests the opportunity to experience the tranquillity and peacefulness the bushveld has to offer with accommodation in well-equipped chalets and our hunting camp.